Welcome To The Naples Space Festival Celebration of the First Landing On The Moon

APRIL 15 thru MAY 15, 2019

Festival Events

           Featured Speakers Events Begin at 7:00 PM

        Lorenzo Walker Technical College, 3702 Estey Ave.

                            Naples, Florida 34104

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11, will bring an award winning author, space reporter, and television director and artist to Naples, Florida.

Dr. James Hansen, author of the "First Man" the biography of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, will talk about his bio about Neil Armstrong, which was also recently made into a major release movie.

William Harwood, CBS News space reporter, will speak about the shuttle program and the future of space.

Joel Banow, television director, who directed the Apollo broadcasts for CBS News, will talk about how he created the coverage of Apollo 11, "Landing on the Moon with Walter Cronkite".

Chris Calle, American artist whose work has appeared on US commemorative stamps, will lecture about his own work as well as his father's, who was the only artist to be with the Apollo 11 crew on launch day. Chris will also talk about the art works of Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean, who walked on the moon on the second lunar landing mission.


April 24 Jim Hansen author of "First Man" the Biography of Neil Armstrong

April 25 Bill Harwood CBS Space reporter on the Shuttle Program and the Future of Space

April 26 Joel Banow "Landing on the Moon with Walter Cronkite" CBS coverage of The Manned Space Broadcasts

April 27 Artist Chris Calle on The Art of Astronaut Alan Bean and artists Paul & Chris Calle

April 27 3:30 PM WGCU preview of "Chasing the Moon", an "American Experience" special on PBS 

      Space Art Exhibition

The Collier Museum at Government Center will be hosting an exhibit from April 15 to May 15.

Artists include: 

Astronaut Alan Bean 

Paul Calle

Chris Calle

All the art will be for sale. Portions of the sale of art will go to the following organizations:

 The Boys & Girls Club, The Salvation Army Fran Cohen Youth Center, The Naples Players Children's Theater Program for scholarships, the Naples Press Club journalism scholarships and Marco Island Center for the Arts. Prices for art range from $165 to $645.  For more information cal 239-641-1501

Join us April 27 from 1-3 pm at C'Mon! Golisano Children's Museum of Naples for a Family Space Event.


Volunteers Needed For the Space Festival April 15 -May 15

Become a docent for the space art exhibition at the Collier Museum at Government Center. Docents will be there to greet visitors to the museum, provide information on the artists and handle point of sale transactions. The exhibitions begins on April 15th. The Exhibition features the art of Astronaut Alan Bean who walked on the moon on the Apollo 12 mission The other arts are Paul Calle and his son Chris Calle. Both are marvelous space artists. Paul Calle was the artist sketching the crew of Apollo 11 on the day of the launch of Apollo 11. During the week of April 24-27 Chris Calle will be at the museum Speaking and meeting visitors. There will be three shifts per day. You can sign up to volunteer at the following site: SignUp.Com at http://signup.com/go/RyrgmDg

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